Unlike many other shops, we aren’t flashy nor do we have a big neon sign out front. You won’t see our name on a billboard, television or the radio.

What you will find once you enter our doors is a company that is not afraid to use state of the art technology when it’s the right choice. A company that cares about every job. A company with people who will bend over backwards to make sure the project is done right and on time.

We are a company that has abilities above and beyond what most shops in the surrounding area have. We regularly use tools such as thermoform bending, digital cutting and routing equipment, state of the art digital measuring tools, and so much more.

Yet what we are most proud of is the principle that we were founded on and has kept us going since 1987: if you deliver a high quality product that was worked on, touched and crafted to perfection by not just machines but true craftsmen, people will truly value your work.

This is why we have stayed in business for 30+ years and why we have hundreds of happy customers with thousands of installs. From a single simple countertop in your home, to large scale industrial or commercial projects, everyone will experience the same hands on, bend over backwards mentality that is the backbone of this company.

We look forward to the next decades of working with you on the project of your dreams.

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