machine 2Craftsmanship doesn’t start or end with a machine; it starts and ends with skilled people using the right tools for the job. We believe in using technology to get jobs done efficiently and accurately but never at the expense of the finished product. Our company uses high tech equipment, and relies on the ingenuity of our craftsmen to meet or exceed industry standards. 

Fabrication can start with your drawing or have Atec digitally template the space.  We use these precise dimensions to create CAD drawings that in turn create the CAM tool paths to begin production. This process allows our technical team to do a final once over before cutting or utilize a slab for the aesthetics or waste factor. At this point you either have your material chosen or we will work with you to select the right surface for the job. This planning, execution and production is what makes it all come together. Because of our decades of experience working with solid surface, quartz and natural stone, we can do some amazing things that many shops around us can’t.

To see more of the one of a kind work we can do, simply take a look at our portfolio.

Be it a single custom piece or large-scale production, we apply our know-how, skills and expertise to make sure every project goes smoothly. Our goal is to deliver the best possible product in the right time frame.

That is the reason so many companies, organizations, contactors, builders and people just like you have trusted us with their projects.

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