With a wide variety of natural and manmade materials available, the key is helping you find the ideal material for your specific use. To make this simpler, we will guide you through the material selection process, explaining every option’s pros and cons.

Not only does material have a distinct look, feel, and possess different qualities but are suited for different applications. Some are great for countertops, others as shower walls, custom sinks and vanities. With the vast availability of materials, the key is always making the right choice for your specific need.

Natural Stone
Granite, marble and limestone are all beautiful organic stones that will make any area a one of a kind as every slab is inherently unique.  Different finishes can change the look, feel and performance of these natural stones.   One of the most common finishes is the high glossy mirror like polished finish.  It reflects light and can draw your eye to a focal point. Whether it is a single piece or a room filled with polished stone it will add elegance and richness. Not every application wants to be the center of attention, but rather take on a subtle presence. Matte finishes are soft to the touch, non-reflective and very serviceable. They create a look of modern sophistication to old world charm.  A matte finish can be taken a step further by adding the look of multi-dimensional layers called leathering.  This textured look of leather is viewed as having a very natural appearance, retains a muted non-reflective quality and ease of care. High polishing the upper layer of a leathered stone will create Caress, a finish gaining popularity in the market place. The deep layers are soft muted tones while the upper layer is a mirror finished.  This unique combination is both rustic and elegant. 

Quartz/Solid Surface Materials
Quartz and acrylic surfaces have several qualities in common. Both are manmade materials that can be consistent solid colors or mimic the movement of natural stone.  Manmade materials provide a non-porous surface and are resin based creating precise seams.  Both products accept designated sinks seamlessly providing a sanitary union between countertop and bowl.  Manmade materials carry warranties that stand behind the product.

Just as they have similarities, there are unique characteristics to each. Quartz is very hard, resists scratches and staining and can be found in a high polish, matte or leathered finish.  The acrylic surfaces have a renewable surface. Most stains can be effectively lifted out and scratches can be repaired or sanded away. The acrylics can be thermoformed, heated and conform to a mold or coved.

Over the last few decades manmade materials have come a long way and can closely resemble natural stone. Sometimes, even aficionados have a hard time telling the difference. Just keep in mind that the goal shouldn’t be limited to mimicking natural stone. Solid surface materials have a whole range of uses, not just as a replacement for something else.

If you aren’t sure what is right for you then please give us a call. We will work with you every step of the way on your surface project to make sure you get the right material for your needs. Our goal is to educate our clients on the unique qualities of each material and help them get a much deeper understanding of how to properly evaluate and choose the best product for the job at hand.

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